Booster Club

The Lamar Band Booster Club (LBBC) supports the Lamar Band programs with volunteering, fundraising and event coordination. All members are benefiting their student’s music experience as their membership fees contribute to the overall fundraising of LBBC.

LBBC Address:  1124 N. Fielder Rd. PO Box 192, Arlington, TX. 76012
LBBC email:

Printable Form:  LBBC Membership Form 2018-19

Please note, you do not have to be a booster member to be a band parent volunteer. To become an approved volunteer, please visit

Currently, there are many volunteer opportunities and we would welcome the help.

LBBC Bylaws Update 2014

In accordance with the current LBBC Bylaws:

Method of Amendment

Section 1. The President shall appoint a committee, including a chairperson, to study the proposed amendment(s) to this Constitution and to present their recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board for approval.

Section 2 This Constitution may be amended at any general meeting of the LBBC membership by majority vote of the voting members present provided the Executive Committee and the LBBC Board of Directors has approved the proposed amendment(s) and has given the general membership notice at least thirty days prior to vote.

Here are the updated bylaws for review by the general membership:

Bylaw 2020 (1)

2018-19 Lamar Band Booster Club (LBBC) Board Members

President: Amy Howerton
VP Communications: Terry Finley
Secretary: Jennifer Stein
Treasurer: Paul Hoeller
VP Volunteers:
VP Hospitality:
VP Ways and Means:
VP Transportation/Equipment: Chris VanZandt
VP Percussion/Drumline:
VP Colorguard: Theresa Jorgensen and Liz Bankhead
Parent Liason:
Jazz Liason:
Student Liason: