Marching Show

Ceasar & Cleopatra

Press release: Ceasar & Cleopatra

Source Music

Strange Humors by John Mackey
Parade of the Charioteers from “Ben Hur” ‐ Miklos Rozza
Seconda Navagazione by Roberto Cacciapaglia
Incantation from “Quidam” ‐ Benoit Jutras

Design Team

Drill writer ‐ Tim Darbonne ‐
Music arranger ‐ Matt Harloff ‐
Battery Percussion arranger ‐ Matt Bibb
Colorguard director / choreographer ‐ Malan Messemore
Director of Bands ‐ Alan Lang
Asst. band director ‐ Jarred Carlton
Asst. band director ‐ Matt Bibb

Concept / Storyline

Cleopatra and Caesar
The show starts with the introduction of Cleopatra. We present Cleopatra on descending from
her throne with a melody from “Strange Humors”. Julius Caesar is introduced with the fanfare from
Ben Hur . The first movement depicts Cleopatra’s grand entrance into Rome. With imagery pulled from
the movie Cleopatra .

The second movement tells the story of Cleopatra’s seduction of Caesar and the whirlwind
romance that ensued. The music is based on “Seconda Navigazione”.
The final movement is the Roman army entrance and turmoil thereafter. The music is a recap
of the fanfare from Ben Hur and the bulk of the movement is Mackey’s “Strange Humors”. We end with
the same theme in which we started. Caesar and Cleopatra face their inevitable fate.