Marching Show 2017

All In A Dream

2017 Press Release – Viking Marching Band

Source Music
Lullaby – Johannes Brahms
Sleep – Eric Whitacre
Vespertine Formations – Christopher Dean
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation-The Williowtwist – Michael Gandolfi
Selections from the music of Bernard Herrmann
● Excerpt from the movie “Vertigo”
● Excerpt from the movie “Psycho:
● Excerpt from the movie “Taxi Driver”
● Excerpt from the movie “Kill Bill Vol. 2”

Design Team
Music arranger – Daniel Montoya Jr. –
Drill Writer – Stuart Shulman –
Percussion arrangers – Matt Bibb & Buck Palmer
Colorguard director / choreographer – Midori Eng
Director of Bands – Alan Lang
Asst. band director – Jarred Carlton
Asst. band director – Matt Bibb

Concept / Storyline
We are put to sleep with lullaby and nice short chorale. First dream is fun and fantastic, then short love
story, then loss, then terrors/falling/monsters, etc. Then we wake up.

Blue Devils 2000 – “Methods of Madness”
Cadet’s 2005 “The Zone”